Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Are you selling your home?  What do you have in mind as selection criteria to choose your agent?  Below are some of the most critical services that you should expect your listing agent:

1) Make recommendations to maximize marketability of your home.

2) Deliver Competitive Market Analysis report to help you determine your pricing strategy.

3) Assist in negotiations with buyer’s agent.

4) Assist you in developing comprehensive disclosure documents to avoid any confusion for buyers about the condition of your home.

4) Present and review ALL offers regardless of price and contingency.

5) Continue to provide you feedback and communicate any material information about market changes such as interest rates and regulation changes that might impact your sale.

6) Provide written estimates of your closing and a net sheet showing how much you will receive when you home is sold at the list price.  This net sheet should include all the closing costs including city and county tax and commission costs.

7) Make recommendation on buyer’s financial strength and their ability to close escrow based on the financial information provided by buyer’s agent.

8) Offer home purchase assistance to you to move after your sale.

9) Keep in constant communication with Title and Escrow officers responsible for your home sale to assure timely close and recording. on time close of your home sale.
service details.

Finally, keep in mind that there are a lot of moving parts to selling your house.  From escrow, title, buyer agent, inspectors, appraiser, loan officer there are a lot of people that could cause delay or damage the success of your sale.

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