San Jose Home

San Jose Home

Do you have a San Jose fixer upper?!  Do you want the highest price for it in a quick sale?   We have cash buyers with proof of funds.  The selection criteria for these home purchases are:

  • Lot Size :  Minimum lot of homes that these buyers are interested are 0.2-1 acre range.
  • Age:  This criteria is not critical since most of these homes will be torn down.
  • Zip Codes:  Some of the zip codes that our buyers interested in buying are:  95125, 95124, 95123.
  • Purchase Terms:   Close of Escrow in 2 weeks if not sooner.
  • Inspection: These buyers will buy your home AS-IS and will not require any inspections.
  • Possession:   If you need more time to vacate the property, we can amend the purchase contract to allow flexible terms that will allow you more time to vacate the property. .
  • Commission:  Real Estate commissions are critical specially since average home prices have risen substantially.  Since you have the option to avoid listing your property on MLS, you can avoid paying 2-3% commission to the buyers agent.   That is $25,000 savings that will go a long way towards your retirement funds.
  • Deferred Sales Trust:  We can set up a Deferred Sales Trust to avoid paying  a huge Capital Gains Tax if you have more than $500,000 of equity in your home.

Bottom line is that if you have a San Jose home that you want to sell, we can not only buy it and close it in 14 days, but we can also help you avoid Capital Gains Tax.