Housing Price Decline

Housing Price Decline

Are you interested in selling your San Jose home?  Are you tempted to take some profits from the recent price gains?   Will you move out of the area afer the sale?

But before you sign the dotted line to list your house, you might want to consider your options.  With the huge rise in San Jose rents, you might be paying as much or more for your rent as you did for your mortgage.

One option might be to sell your home and rent-it-back. Ironically, this strategy my help your strategy to focus on rental property buyers or investors.

These will allow you to take advantage of opportunities in Saratoga, Los Gatos,  San Jose and Campbell to sell their property without moving out.  This unique strategy could be beneficial for both home sellers and our investor since we are able to negotiate a rent-to-own option for some of our sellers.

The following steps outlines your sale and rent-back transaction:

Prepare for Sale:   We will list your home for sale with an aggressive marketing plan to get the highest prices possible.   This will also give you an opportunity to judge the offer you will receive from our investor.  The listing period is typically 2-4 weeks.

Review/Counter Offers:  We will deliver you cash or contingent offers to review. We will verify proof of funds before presenting these to you as part of our buyer qualification program.

Rent-To-Own:  If you are interested in remaining in your home, we will develop a lease agreement conditioned on the close of escrow.  This means that you will only work with buyers who are willing to rent the home back to you.   Naturally, the terms of the rental lease agreement will have to be negotiated with 2 parties.

In fact, we have buyers who are looking for high-end rentals in Saratoga, San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos.  These buyers have other homes in Silicon Valley and this is a pure investment for them.

So, feel free to contact us if you want to sell your house without moving!