Kitchen remodels are one of the best investments in your home which will return more than 100% of your investments.  In fact,  Small Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels typically adds a lot to your home’s value.  These are top 5 items to replace in your Small Kitchen Remodel:

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

1) Surfaces:  Surface materials with with earth-friendly and recycle content have come a long way in the past few years.  Vetrazzo is one company that manufactures recycled glass surfaces that can be used in kitchen.  But Quartz, Bamboo and other surfaces could provide better options as well.

2) Cabinets:  There are plenty of companies who market eco-friendly cabinets from re-purposed or solid wood from materials that does not contain any Urea Formaldehyde.   There are also combo Vanity and Sink options that simplify your installations.  IKEA USA offers cabinets for any budget and the looks.   The benefit of using IKEA is that you can save money by assembling these cabinets yourself and just have a contractor install it.

3) Paint:  There are plenty of manufacturers that now offer paints with zero or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint that are ideal for Kitchens and Bath Remodels.

4) Flooring:  Flooring offers the largest and most affordable choices for a Small Kitchen remodel.  However, consider larger 16 by 16 tiles for smaller spaces since it will create visual field that will make the small space appear much larger.

5) Fixtures/Lighting:  Using recessed lights will create a strong impression for your Small Kitchen Remodel with the right selection of lighting and fixtures.   Match the trim and finish for your towel rack and toilet paper and trash can as well to create a uniform feel to the remodel.

But before you embark on a massive remodel, it’s wise to get an estimate for your After-Repair-Value of your Home to make sure if you really need to suffer through a remodel to NET the money you want out of your sale.

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