Property investments

Property Investments

Do you have enough set aside for retirement? Do you know how long you have to work before you could retire comfortably?

You can do a quick calculation on the amount of funds you will need to retire using the MSN Money site’s Retirement Calculator.

But once you have figured out how much you will need to retire, then it might be time to consider cash flow real estate as part of your retirement plan to help secure and protect your social security income.

But why do we recommend real estate as a secure investment for your retirement days? Here are top 4 reasons:  

  1. Control:  You have complete control of your real estate investment when you own property.  You can keep it as a vacation home or rent it during certain months of the year to generate income during your retirement.
  2. Appreciation:  Property values have recovered in more than 48 States even after the worst recession in recent memory.  For instance, California homes appreciated more than 14% in 2013.  Can you say the same thing about your other investments?  
  3. Mortgage Interest  – IRS Tax code is full of nuggets planted to benefit real estate and property ownership.  You can write off your mortgage interest deduction for you primary residence.  You can also depreciate improvement expenses on your rental properties.
  4.  No Capital Gains:  You will not owe no capital gains tax if you sell your primary residence even if you have gains up to $500,000!  This level of deduction is available to home owners who are filing jointly and have been living in their home for 2 years during the past 5 years.
  5. Transfer-ability:  You can easily transfer your real estate assets to your children or estate without incurring too much hit on taxes.


As you can see there are great advantage of real estate holdings when it comes to augmenting your retirement income.  So, Contact Us when you are ready to start your investment career in Real Estate.


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