Cultter turns off buyers

Clutter Turns off buyers

Are you thinking about selling your los gatos home?  Do you dread the amount of clutter you have to deal with?

Well, you are not alone.  Most of us are guilty of buying way more than we need.  After all, how else can we explain Costco which now sells a package consisting of 300 Tea Bags!  You can invite the entire Silicon Valley to a tea-party and still have left over bags.

So, what will you do to eliminate the clutter which is a huge turn off for buyers.  Some of the action items you can consider to remove the clutter are:

Charity begins at home:  More than 70% of middle income families report permanent loss of income and savings as a result of our recent recession.   So, many charities need your items that you no longer need.   Goodwill and other charities have pick-up programs that you can schedule.

Weekends are for Garage Sales:  Plan to organize a few garage sales over the weekends to get ride of your clutter.    You can use sites like NextDoor which will offer you the opportunity to advertise your garage sale to your immediate neighbors.   Our area is called Kennedy North in Los Gatos with it’s own zone on the NextDoor site.    You can also post your garage sales information on Craigslist.

Throw it away:  Most of us develop emotional attachments to worldly possessions.   But if you have not used a piece of clothing, tool, old parts then it’s time to throw them away.  If you have grown children, its good to ask them to come and sift through the items one last time, before you throw them out for good.

Store It:  Granted we don’t believe in using good money to store your crap, but if you are unable to part of with your items, then you need to store it.   Odds are that you will never see these items again, but at least you will have removed them as clutter from your home in time for the buyers to walk through.

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