Fair Housing

Fair Housing

Department of Fair Housing is the federal agencies whose role is to protect the right  of minorities, elderly and immigrants from housing discrimination.   Based on these guidelines, no tenant can be denied housing based on their sex, religion, nationality and ethnicity. So, any questions regarding these topics are illegal and should not be the basis for your decision on selecting a tenant.  Some of the questions that are illegal are listed below:

    1)  Do you have a disability/What is the nature or severity of the disability?

2) Do you have children?

3) What are their ages?

4) Are you and your partner married?

5)  Are you an immigrant?

5)  Are you straight?

6) Do you go to church?

Some of these questions might appear harmless enough for a casual conversation but they don not belong in a tenant screening.  In fact, if you ask these questions during your screening and refuse to rent to this applicant, he/she has the right to file a complaint against you for housing discrimination.  That is why we offer tenant screening for our clients who might not be aware of the questions that are grounds for discrimination claims. If you have a property in Silicon Valley that you want to rent, we have pre-qualified tenants ready to rent.

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