Chickens as Los Gatos tenants

Chickens as Los Gatos tenants

Chickens as Los Gatos tenantsWe manage a neat house located in Los Gatos with a huge lot and out-of-state home owner.   We recently discovered that  despite clear instructions from lease agreement to restrict the home to one pet only; these tenants are keeping at least 3 Chickens!  Yes, you read it right.   It’s not a typo.  These tenants are keeping at least 3 chickens in our Los Gatos rental.

We discovered the Chickens during our routine inspections of the property where they were roaming the street.   We have since been notified by the neighbors whose garden and front yards are being raided by these Chickens.

Needless to say we will be serving the tenants with a violation notice and requiring them to cure this violation.   But the incident highlights the fact that some tenants will violate their lease terms and without property manager and routine inspections, you will not know about these violations. This is one reason why you need to hire a property manager or a property management company.

One could make the case for a more through tenant screening which is one of the most critical services that we provide to our clients.   But there is not way to predict what tenants might decide to do 2 years into their lease.  At least we have discovered the violation and will serve them notice to remedy it.

Another reason to hire a property manager is if you are not living near your Silicon Valley rental properties which could expose you to rental scams.  In these scams your properties are advertised on CraigsList without your knowledge and scammers collect application fee from un-suspecting applicants.

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