Property Management Company

Property Management Company

Do you have a property that you are renting yourself?  Are you managing repairs and maintenance of your rental homes?   Are you wondering what property management services can do for you?

Property management services offer you an option to invest where you can get the highest cash flow without the anxiety of doing the hard work of maintenance and repairs.  Below are the top 7 property management services that we offer to our clients with homes in San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos and Campbell.   These services include:

1) Tenant Screening: We require a complete background check which includes employment and prior landlord references from your tenant applicants.  Just getting to manage the identify information of these applicants could easily become a source of huge headache for you if you don’t protect their privacy.  These tenants could easily require you to return their application back to them or show proof that you safely destroyed their application to protect their identity.

2) Rent Collection:  This might sound like a simple task of collecting the check, but some tenants are notorious to avoid making the payment till the last minute. We are now using Cloud based online rent collection services for some of our properties.

3) Rekey Services:  If you need to secure a property from a previous tenant, we can re-key the house for you to prevent un-authorized access.

4) Eviction Services:  This is the last resort if you have an un-cooperative tenant who is not making payments or causing trouble.

5) Contractor Resources:  We have contractors that we use on maintaining and remodeling our client’s rental homes.  This is a great asset since most home owners do not have access to reliable contractors.

6) Low Cost Maintenance:  This is a big advantage of using a property management company since you don’t have to worry about maintenance calls specially if you live far from your rental property.
7) Emergency Repairs: We are accessible to our client’s tenants on a 24 hours basis for emergency repair calls.

6) Monthly/Annual Reports:  We provide income summary reports every month for every property we manage for our clients.

7) Regular Property Inspections:  We inspect our clients’ property and email them photo report of any damages that require attention.  We also make recommendation to allocate repair budgets for any future repairs.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about these services.