Los Gatos Homes

Los Gatos Homes

Recent hike of rents in Los Gatos got us wondering about what people are actually paying for rent these days.  In fact, we conduct a search for a 2 bedroom house in Los Gatos for $2,000 using RentoMeter site.

This report shows that in 95032 zip code for Los Gatos the Median Rent for a 2 bedroom home is $17range of $1,673 while the Average Rent was slighting higher at $1,709.    But what’s the report also shows a significant lack of inventory with only 26 properties showing in 95032 zip code.

Using RentoMeter you will discover that tenants are paying an average of 3,072 for a 3 bedroom home in Los Gatos.   The median rent for 3 bedroom homes is reported as $2,825.

Since Los Gatos has 2 distinct school districts, the highest rents are for homes that are within the Los Gaos-Saratoga school districts.  While rents of homes in the Leigh High School district should be slightly lower since there is less demand for such rentals.

But what makes Los Gatos such a unique place to live is above and beyond just the schools.  Los Gato has a wonderfully adorable down town with small shops and restaurants.    Recently renovated library is also a wonderful asset to the town residents.

But that’s just our opinion after living here for more than 10 years.  Why do you call Los Gatos home?  Are you paying too much rent?  How are you able to justify such a high rent?

We would love to hear from you.