Happy Inspector iPad app

Happy Inspector Property Management app

There are plenty of good property management application for PCs, but what if you were using an iPad!?  One such application that runs on both iPad and Android operating system is called Property Inspector.   iPad version of this application offers these features:

1) Property Overview:  This feature allows Property Managers to input Owner, Agent, and Tenant information into the application which is a neat offering specially if you are managing multiple properties in the same complex.

2) Inspection Generator:  This feature offers property managers to generate customize inspection sheet for each room in a property based on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and utility rooms.  The neat part about this feature is that the property manager can also incorporate photos of these inspections that can then be used for generating repair estimates and communicating them with property owners.  The Inspection Generator offers tabs for Move In/Out Reports and Periodic Report Settings that should be a delight to property owners.

Finally, this Property Management application has a Reminder section for future inspections such as a Beware of Dogs, Cats…etc to make sure your inspector will not be blamed for a missing  pet.

The iPad version of the app was updated in July 11, 2013 which means the application is being updated recently and is not abandoned like some other apps who make it to the Apple Store and are then forgotten.   FREE version of this property management application is for ONE User only but the Pro Version costs $59/month per device! We are not sure who came up with this pricing strategy, but most users have multiple devices that they want to use for the same application.   We would not be happy to pay twice for the same application just because we are using a different device to run the application.

This property management application offers some neat features but we can’t justify the paid version due to the strange pricing model where each device requires a $59 per month payment for each device that is used by the users.

Are you using any Mobile applications for your property management?!  Can you share your experience?!  Have you used this app!?

Let us know what you think?

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