Remy Mortaz

Remy Mortaz, Los Gatos resident

Do you live in an amazing neighborhood?  Do you have remarkable neighbors?  What makes our life in Los Gatos remarkable are neighbors like Terri and Dick Anderson.

About 8 years ago we moved to our current house across the street from Anderson’s.  They had a wonderful Dog named Shotzie who was sweet and friendly.   Our daughter fell in love with Shotzie quickly and cherished any chance she got to play with her.

About 2 years ago we got ourselves Remy, a Labrador Retriever and he’s having a Dog’s life in Los Gatos thanks to Dick Anderson.   In fact, all the dogs in our neighborhood are having a blast.   The reason is that every morning when we walk by Anderson’s house, they will find the garage door open with a jar of dog treat labeled:  “Help Yourself”.

Yes, indeed.  All the neighborhood dogs are welcome to stop by and enjoy a treat.  And our Remy has also figured this out as well.

Dick Anderson of Los Gatos

Dick Anderson of Los Gatos

What made the experience heck of a lot sweeter recently is that Dick Anderson has hand crafted a plaque with the name of each dog in the neighborhood who stops by for a treat.  It must have been a labor of love and it shows as you can see in the photo above.

Dick calls it the Wall of Champions and we are happy Remy has made this list.  Remy is always looking for any signs of Dick inside the garage since he knows there is a warm embrace and a treat waiting for him.

 Perhaps this is a small part of why Los Gatos is an awesome place to live.  This is a small reason why Los Gatos is unique place to live.   And our Remy certainly agrees.

Can your neighborhood top this?  Let us know.


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