Do you have rental properties in San Jose?  Are you looking for a property management company to in San Jose?  Well, knowing the San Jose market we have some ideas on how to screen for the best possible companies in San Jose.

1) San Jose Chamber of Commerce:

One of the sources to identify property management companies in San Jose is to look up the members in San Jose Chamber of Commerce.  Ironically, when we searched for Property Management companies in San Jose at the Chamber site, it only returned a few companies and one of the listings was for Mike Wasserman who is the County Supervisor.  Unless Mr. Wasserman runs a property management company we are not sure why he’s listed at the Chamber site.

Bottom line is that the Chamber directory is full of listings that make it rather difficult to use since it does contain any detail of services these companies perform.

 2) Yelp:   Yelp is a wonderful resource for finding restaurant reviews, but lately they have started expanding their listings and reviews to include service companies.  The challenge with Yelp is that the highest ranked companies are the one’s who are spending the highest advertising dollar for that category.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when you are hiring a service company, their ad budget should not be the sole selection criteria.

3) Craigs List:  Small property management companies in San Jose often advertise their services on Craigs List.  Make sure you search for SF Bay Area as the option to find them.

4) CAR:  California Association of Realtors does offer certifications to its members of Property Management and maintains a directory of certified companies that could be retained to help with our San Jose Property Management needs.

You can also contact us to get a bid to help manage your properties as well.


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