House Value

House Value

According to National Association of Realtor’s March Report, Median Time to market for Homes in California  dropped by 43.7% over the same prior last year!  At the same time prices in California increased 28% !  So, if your property is not selling, then there might be some other issues at play.

If your home is not move-in ready in contrast to competing properties, then that it might be a good time to consider a small kitchen or bathroom remodels as shown in these photos.

But before you venture into a major remodeling project, you should conduct you own research at some public website such  Zillow and Trulia.   This should give us a good approximation of where you should be priced compared to similar homes.

And in most cases, if your home is not selling, it’s the price if you have eliminated the “condition” of your home as the inhibitor to the sale.

it’s much smarter to get a valuation developed using a local Realtor since these website do not take into account any special adjustment to price due to additional features such as pool, wine cellar, library, solar panels….etc.

Finally, it never hurts to Contact Us on your Home Value before you accept an offer.

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