Smell Test for your home

Smell Test for your home

It’s a sad fact, but some agent won’t tell you the truth during listing presentations since their main goal is to get your listing.    So, they will be be less than candid about some serious sale inhibitors that could derail your plans to get the highest possible price for your Silicon Valley home.

These agents will sugar code and have their fingers crossed that if the home does not sell, they will be able to share their initial observations with you; after they have obtained the listing assignment.   But we wanted to share the top 4 property flaws that turn off most buyers and your agent might not have told you about them:

1) Odor Test :  If you have pets the odds are that they have marked the home.  Carpets and drapes are the easiest targets for pet and they keep the odor.  The challenge might be that you might not notice the smell it yourself since you live in the home and don’t recognize the odor.   Your carpets and drapes should be professionally cleaned prior to listing to avoid turning off buyers.

 2) Are you Over-priced ?  Over-price homes are the biggest turn offs for most buyers.  In fact they would be turned off by your over-priced home way before they spot the pet ordor since they will not allow their agent to show them your house.  So, have a candid conversation with your real estate agent about their ability to sell at the price you have in mind.

3) Is your house too-personalized?  If you have lived in a house for a long time; odds are that you are displaying way too many photographs on the fridge and walls and the home is too personalized.   Homes that are too personalize prevent the buyers imagination to work for them to see themselves in the same space.    So, store away kids toys, crafts and clear the mess from your kitchen and closets.  Schedule  several garage sales and donate the items that are not selling.

4) Are there too many things that are not working?   If there are too many items in your home that need repairs then buyers will be turned off since they will be concerned about other major repairs that might have been neglected.   For example, if 4 out of 5 shower heads are leaking then you need to fix them all before you list your home.

The more repair items you add to the buyer’s to-do-list;  less money they will offer you for your home.  So, ask candid questions about the condition of your house from your Real Estate agent and spend a few weeks taking an inventory of items that need repair and get them fixed.

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