Are you a Home Depot weekend warrior?  Do you often find yourself stranded looking for help among the Home Depot isles?    Well, you might not have to even show up at the store anymore if you need repair bid on your home projects.

Redbeacon which was acquired by Home Depot offers consumers the opportunity to post their projects online and receive bids from the Home Depot Pros! It’s that simple.   Below is a sample video describing how the Cloud computing based solution from Redbeacon can help homeowners get bids on their contracts:

RedBeacon acts at the match.com between homeowners and contractors.    In the case of Home Depot their ProDesk member contractors are the one’s who will bid on your project. Once you post your project into RedBeacon’s website, you can also choose from popular project categories that most projects fall into such as Landscaping, Kitchen, and bathroom.   If you are not computer savvy you can get help from someone at Home Depot store initiate the post for you as well.

Once your project is posted, RedBeacon system matches your project with a contractor’s profile who have registered to offer these services on Home Depot ProDesk.  Then contractors are notified using SMS text message or emails that a bid request has been posted and they can respond to this bid.

Home Depot’s Redbeacon manages the end-end process.  They even have a $1,000 guarantee when the payment for the services is made using their payment portal.  I guess this is an attempt to complete with PayPal for online payments, but it’s a good incentive specially on small kitchen or small bathroom projects where 1,000 goes a long way.

We anticipate that this payment service works like a draw on a construction loan where the funds are only released if you certify the work has been completed by the contractor.  But we recommend you verify how this guarantee works if you plan to utilize their payment service.

So, if you have a small kitchen or small bathroom remodels then you might want to try out this service and let us know how it works out.


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