Hillbrook School fire 2014

Hillbrook School fire 2014

Last week loud fire trucks alerted us about something bad happening nearby.  Outside we could see the dark smoke coming from the hills above Hillbrook school in Los Gatos at the end of Marchmont Drive.  It was comforting to see an aggressive responce from the Los Gatos and Saratoga fire deparments.  There was also a California Fire Department air plane was hovering over head.

My husband rushed to the school only to come back with the sad news that the concert stage on the Hillbrook campus was seriously damaged by fire.  Our Sophie had been part of many performances at this Hillbrook stage and had her graduation on that stage 2 years ago.  She had danced with a hulla-hoop during parents nights.   We had fond memories of seeing her on that stage.

According to the San Jose Mercury News,  one of the neighbords Jon Witkin was the one who called the fire department.    According to Hillbrook spokewoman, “We know Jon was very active in rallying the neighbors,” Dembecki said. “The real pleasing part is the response from the fire department. They had the whole thing contained in 10 minutes. Everything came together, and they prevented it from being worse.”

We want to express our thanks and gratittude for the fire and rescue teams that were very quick to respond to this fire which could have easily spread to multiple homes and near by mountains.   We also hope that the stage would be built quickly to allow more kids and families to create memories on the Hillbrook campus.