Fair Housing

Fair Housing

With the shortage of rental inventories, most of our rental properties are over-subscribed with too many applicants for each home.  However, each person who expresses an interest in the property has the right to see and preview the property.  And if you neglect to show your rentals; you could be subject to a discrimination claim.

Too often property managers refuse to show the property and risk you and and themselves to discrimination.  But as long your rental property is not under contract, anyone who expresses interest is entitled to see and preview the property.

Even if you might have an applicant interested in renting you property and have their emails expressing their interest, it’s wise to continue to show the property as long as you don’t have  a contract signed.

In our recent marketing attempt to find tenants for a Los Gatos client, we found a family who completed Background application.  We then emailed them a rental agreement.  However, since we did NOT have a signed contract we continued to show the  property.

The delay in signing the property was partly caused by the occupancy date which was off by 3 weeks.  The dilemma then was whether we needed to continue to market the property to other applicants.

However, if we refused to show the property, any of the potential tenants could file a complaint with the Federal Department of Housing on :

  • Race 
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Sex
  • National Origins

Department of Fair Housing has some more information about these topics, but we are convinced that complicated housing laws are enough justification to hire a property manager.

How would you want your property managers handle similar situations.  We would love to hear from you. 

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