Los Gatos Rental Studio

Los Gatos Rental Studio

Last year we were tasked to rent a unique property which was a Studio in Los Gatos that shared a backyard with the main house. This property was detached fully remodeled studio with full bath and small kitchen.   This studios was located at the back of  the main home which spanned a acre lot .   These Studios which are also known as Granny Units, or Garden Units are now legal in Los Gotos and many Silicon Valley cities who are facing severe housing shortage.

So, the typical criteria for tenant screening was out the window.  Yes, all tenants needed to have great credit, good references in addition to great history of income.    But in this case, we needed a person who could fit the owner’s lifestyle without disturbing the peace of the family.  The family priorities were safety and noise since both tenant and the family would be sharing the SAME backyard!   After all, they did not want anyone who could be sun bathing naked in the back yard on weekend.

So, the search was on.  The early applicants were young college students looking for a small place to rent.  Some professional in Los Gatos who needed an office were also interested in the property.

However, we were lucky to identify a female executive who had a large home outside Sacramento and needed a small place to stay during her work week.  In fact, she would not be occupying the Los Gatos Studio during the weekend.  This appealed to the family very much along with her professional profile.

But the challenge was that after the 1st visit this female executive did not contact us.  But as part of our routine process we did email her to get some feedback about all that she had seen.   She was initially coy and would not provide specific comment, but it was easy to summarize that it was a the monthly rent.

So, with the permission of our property owner, we contacted her and offered to reduce the rent if she agreed to lease the property for one year!  And she agreed.

Needless to say we are happy to report that this Los Gatos Rental Studio has now been occupied and both tenant and the home owners are very happy with the arrangement.  It turned out that this was an ideal scenario for our property owners to accept less money for rent!  And as property managers we are very happy that all the people in the food chain are happy with this arrangement.

If you have a unique property that would required Shared resources, contact us since we will be able to find you the right tenant.


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