San Jose Property Management Sharks

San Jose Property Management Sharks

Do you have rental properties in San Jose?  Are you looking to find a Property Management company to manage your San Jose home?  Well, not all property management companies are created equal.   Some of the most critical services that we offer to San Jose property owner include:

1) Rent Collection:  Depending on the proximity of the rental property to our office we offer collection services where our property managers can personally collect the rent from your tenants.  We are also developing online rent collection using a company called Cozy which expedite our rent collection.

2) Routine Inspections:  We have routine inspection planned as part of our services to avoid any surprises for our property owners.  In fact, we recommend allocating repair funds for homes that are older than 30 years.  For one of our rentals that is 60 years old we allocate $300 dollars in reserve and rainy day funds to manage repairs we anticipate we will need to do due to aging appliances, furnace and water heater.

3) Tenant Screening:  We utilize a 3rd party service which conducts employment, credit and background checks for tenant screening to make certain we avoid problem tenants.

4) Monthly & Annual Reports:  We provide monthly reports for our property owners to make their planning more predictable.  We also develop annual reports for tax planning.

5) Eviction Services:  If a tenant is uncooperative and is violating their lease agreement we will work with attorney services to replace as quickly as possible.

So, if you are looking for some Sharks to help take the bite out of your property management woes, call our office.


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