Property Management Agreemnent

Property Management Agreement (image: c-rem.com)

Do you have any rentals in Silicon Valley?  Are you finding the demand too much to handle? Is tenant screening becoming a huge headache?

Well, you have some options to explore short of hiring a property management company like ours to help you with tenant screening.  One such option is Trulia Rental.

Trulia Rental offers a portal for you to list your home with photos , detailed descriptions and even a map.  One of the neat features of Trulia Rental is the option to list the property without disclosing the address.  But even if you check the box that does not list the exact address, the home is displayed on the map which is  a dead give away since most people can count the number of houses up and down the street to figure out the exact location of your rental.

Another advantage of Trulia is that it keeps a record of all interested tenants in your property and make it easier to respond to them in case you wanted to schedule an open house or answer their questions without giving up your private email address.

The other option is to list your home on Craig’s List.  But you could get a flood of emails and solicitations.   The other challenge with Craig’s List is that scam artists could use your property’s address and collect application fees from unsuspecting applicants.

Even after you have been able to collect a list of qualified tenants, screening these tenants will take some doing.

So, Contact Us if you need help with finding tenants for your San Jose, Campbell, Saratoga and Los Gatos rental properties.

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