Property Management Company

Property Management Company

Do you have a rental property in Silicon Valley?   Are you looking for a property management company to help you?  Well, with the rising demand for rental properties, finding tenants has become a full contact sport which might require huge amount of dedication on your part.

So, let’s see where you might be able to find a property management company to help you:

1) Google Local:  Google Local is one of neat sources that Google has made available for companies to list their services in each city where they have office.   Google Local has a  rigorous process of validate the location and phone number of these property management companies.   So, at least you will know that the company is not operating from a back of a truck since a post card is sent to the location of the company and then the company admin has to enter that code into Google Local’s website to validate the listing.

2) Chamber of Commerce: One possible sources to identify property management companies is the chamber of commerce business directory for that specific city.   So, if your property is located in San Jose, you can look up the San Jose chamber of commerce website.  But keep in mind that the chamber directory for might not contain any detail information about the services these property management companies provide.

 3) Yelp:   Yelp has been a good resource for finding restaurants with reviews from patrons.  But they have started expanding their listings to include service companies.  The problem with Yelp is that the highest ranked companies are the one’s who are spending the highest advertising dollar for that category.    And that might not be the best property management company for your needs.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but when you are hiring a service company, their ad budget should not be the sole selection criteria.

4) Craigs List:  Some property management companies often advertise their services on Craigs List.   The challenge with CraigsList is that unless the listings are renewed often, you will not able to get a comprehensive list of property management companies.  But the search will not leave you disappointed since you will find some companies who advertise there.  We do publish an ad on CraigsList as well but we are not religious about renewing it.

5) CAR:  California Association of Realtors offers certifications to its members on property management.  CAR also maintains a directory of certified companies that could be retained to help your with your property management needs.

You can also contact us to get a bid to help manage your properties as well.


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