House Republicans deserve a lot of praise for the latest piece of Red Meat they just delivered to their voters during an election year.   Why not?  Sure, it would have been wiser to vote on an immigration bill while we have a crsis at our board.  Sure, it would have been smart to vote on the comprehensive transportation bill.   Sure, they could have done something about the minimum wage.   Sure, they could have doe something about the shortage of H1-B visas that are critical to Silicon Valley’s economy.  Sure, they could have done something about the millions of home owners whose mortgages are still under water.   Sure, they could have done something substantial to help the returning Vets who are struggling to get mental and medical help at the VA.

But no, instead they decided to file a lawsuit against the president.    Because this lawsuit will take care of ALL of these problems.

What’s alarming is that we keep electing the same cast of politicians year after year so we can act shocked when they pull stunts like these when they reach the belt way.   What’s alarming is that while there are mounting number of pressing legislations to be voted on before the Summer holidays, Congress found time to file a lawsuit against the  President.

We owe these congressional heroes of our a great debt of gratitude for giving us wonderful examples of utter incompetence and utter ineptitude.