SF Giants

SF Giants fans in Los Gatos!

It was October 2012 and San Francisco Giants were in the midst of another World Series run.    I was on a consulting assignment in Europe and during a casual Skype call  I mentioned to my daughter Sophie that “if Giants win, I will take her to the Market Street Parade when I come back in 10 days”!   And then the Giants swept Detroit and the market street parade was held before I could return home.

Since then I have tried every which way to convince my Sophie that the odds of winning another World Series for Giants are very slim.   I also explained that I would not be able to deliver on my promise.   But she says, “Dad you’ve made a promise and you have to keep it.  Dads are supposed to keep their promises”.

But here we are again in 2014 Giants again only ONE game away from making my promise.  Ironically, this is an example of how baseball becomes generational game which connects us to our kids.  When I listen to Giant’s fans who call KNBR with stories of how their grand father introduced them to Giants and they became Giant fans from childhood.

As an immigrant I grew up with Futball or Soccer and no baseball tradition.  But I have grown to love SF Giants.  In fact, I don’t consider myself a baseball fan, but a San Francisco Giants fan.  So, the least Bruce Bochy can do is to win one more game so I can deliver on my promise to Sophie.   In fact, I have full confidence in Bochy’s masterful skill in game management and the way he plays Chess with the opposing coaches.    The entire team takes it’s cue from his un-fazed and calm demeanor where everyone treats these high pressure games as just another game.

How about it SF Giants?   Will you win one more game for me and Sophie?