picstitchIf you own and manage rental properties, you know that every day that your properties are not occupied, you are losing money.

That was our dilemma with one of our rental properties in Los Gatos where we only had a few weeks to re-surface the counter-top with a small budget.  These restrictions led us to re-finish with Miracle Method.

And as you can see the results of this small kitchen remodel the horrible Yellow countertops from 60s are covered with nice netural color which is sprayed on.

It’s obvious that Granite and Quartz Counter-Tops are ideal options but the price of slabs, cut and install were 4 times more than the refinishing cost with Miracle Methods. The best prices we could find for these were about $250-300 for each 9 foot slab.  And we needed 4 slabs to finish this project.  The material cost alone using Granite or Quartz was about $1,400!  And the labor costs were $1900.00!

Our 3 day Mircale Method rehab of the small kitchen cost only $1,550.00! Yes, the whole projects was completed for about 50% of the cost of the Granite or Quartz with no delays for demolition which was going to be a huge source of delays as well.

This makes resurfacing an ideal solution for quick flips of fixer uppers where you need to create a positive 1st impression.   Another best use case for Re-finishing is for rental properties in Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell and San Jose.

Check back with us in a year to see how the Miracle Method counter-top has survived the tenants.