Property Management Agreemnent

Property Management Agreement (image: c-rem.com)

Do you need a property manager for your Campbell, California rentals?   Are you not happy with your current property manager?

Hiring the right Property Manager in Campbell could be the difference between easy stream of passive rental income or nightmares of horrible tenants.   Here are our Top 5 questions you should ask before hiring a Property Management company:

Business References : Ask for business references that include searches in Yelp and customer testimonials about how this San Jose Property Management company has been performing for other clients.  You should Yelp and other reference about the company you are choosing and how they have preformed for other clients in the past.

Licensed by California: Property Management requires a license in most States of the Union  and there are Federal laws that prevent discrimination based on Sex, Race, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Family Status, Martial Status and Disability.  You can visit HUD Fair Housing Guidelines for information on what constitutes discrimination and untrained Property Management staff can get you into serious trouble with the law.

Tenant ScreeningMake sure the Property Management company you retain offers extensive background checks include Dept of Motor Vehicles,  Criminal and Employment checks.   One year with a bad tenant, could easily wipe out your rental income of many years.   So, it’s critical that your Property Manager is able to screen for excellent tenants with awesome backgrounds.

Eviction Services: Finally, another critical service that a property management company should offer is Evictions in case you tenants are not making timely payments.   For a complete list of Property Management Services we offers, visit Homestretch Properties site.

Management Fee: The Property Management fee you are paying will directly impact your bottom line.   There are wide range of fees based on the amount of work the Property Manager is responsible for in your agreement.   The more tasks that are assigned to the property manager, the more fees they will charge. Also, don’t be romanced by the cheaper rates cause as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.


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