Property Management Company

Property Management Company

Do you hate spending time and money on rental repairs?  Do you dread tenant screening for your vacant Silicon Valley rentals?  Well, then you might be interested in the most critical property management services we offer at Homestretch Properties.  These services are:

1) Tenant Screening: With privacy concerns and identify theft, tenant screening is no longer a simple task of asking your applicants for their social security number.  With an average of 10 applicants for each property, you will need to have documented privacy policy and offer these applicants the option to have their application returned to them if they ask.  Our complete background check eliminates this risk for you since we are the one’s doing the tenant screening.

2) Rent Collection:  Rent collection could become a chore specially if you are living outside of Silicon Valley.   In fact, some tenants are notorious to avoid making the payment till the last minute. We are now using Cloud based online rent collection services for some of our properties.  You can check one such service offered by a Google Ventures called Cozy which offers tenant screening and rent collection.

3) Repair Services:   We have contractors that we use on maintaining and remodeling our client’s rental homes.  This is a great asset since most home owners do not have access to reliable contractors.

4) Eviction Services:  We spend so much time screening tenants that it rarely comes to eviction of your tenants, but if it happens, you know that you have reliable and experience talent on your side.

 5) Low Cost Maintenance:  This is a big advantage of using a property management company since you don’t have to worry about maintenance calls specially if you live far from your rental property.

6) Monthly Reports: We offer monthly reports on the status of the property which includes recommendations on budget and deferred maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about these services.