Fair Housing

Fair Housing

Do you have rentals in Silicon Valley?  Do you interview tenants yourself?    Well, you should be aware of illegal questions to avoid during tenant screening.

In fact, Department of Fair Housing is a federal agency that chartered to protect the right  of minorities, elderly and immigrants from housing discrimination.   Based on this federal agency’s guidelines, no tenant can be denied housing based on their sex, religion, nationality and ethnicity.   This implies that any questions about these topics are illegal and considered discrimination.

Some of the illegal topics are listed below:

1)  Are you disable?  How were you disabled?

2) Do you have children?  And what are their ages?

3) Are you and your partner married?

5)  When did you immigrated into US?

6) Where were you born?

7)  Are you gay?

8) Are you religious?  Do you go to church?

As you can gather these questions are grounds for discrimination.  You are strongly advised to avoid them.  This is why we offer tenant screening for our clients who might not be aware of the grave consequences of these questions.

So, If you have rental properties in Los Gatos, San Jose, Campbell, Saratoga or other parts of Silicon Valley Contact Us if you need help.