Are you interested in reduce your carbon foot print? Are you considering solar energy on your home?  Well, you have some good options with Solar City, SunRun and many others who are offering solar financing which requires very little or no upfront cost from the home owners.

The way these programs work is that these Solar companies are purchasing the solar power generated from your roof at a deep discount and are selling it back to the utilities to cover their cost of the equipment and the installation.   What is the benefit the home owner you ask!?  Well, home owners benefit from the reduce cost of utilities and the addition of Solar power should also make the home more marketable since it will cost much less to own and operate such a home.

However, the math is not quite that simple when it comes to Commercial and large companies who are buying energy at such cheap rates from local utilities that it’s not cost effective for them to switch to Solar.  In our case, the amount of roof space exposed to sun was the limitation that prevented us from going Solar.

So we have to wait for much more efficient solar panels that produce much more mega watts per sqft of roof space before we could go solar.

What are you doing about your rising utility costs and carbon foot print?