Tenant Evictions

Tenant Evictions

Are you frustrated with your tenants?  Are they causing problems with the neighbors?  Well, you might not have any good options but to evict them.  The process of evicting a tenant is difficult and could be tedious.  And the State of California does not treat evictions lightly, specially y if there are any potential for abuse.

Also evictions mean revenue loss since it will take you time to lease the property again.  However, if your tenants are not paying rent then you have no choice but to evict them.  In fact, non-payment of rent is an easy court decision as long as you have carefully documented the late or missing payments then you should not have any trouble with securing an eviction order for lack of payment.

1) Lease Term Violation:  We have written previously where one of our Los Gatos tenant, was raising Chickens in clear violation of the rental lease agreement which prohibited having live stock on the property.  But you need to document all the these violations and also provide reasonable amount of time for the tenant to remdy these violatinos.

2) Abusive Tenants:  If one of your tenants is abusive and is harrassing your other tenants, it’s time to consider evictions encouraging them to leave.  You will need to document all the abusive events that your tenants have experienced.  if the offending tenant is breaking the law you’ll also need proof of the violations.   You will need to follow local, state and federal laws for this sort of eviction as it’s more challenging that other violations.

Remember to check all of your local laws on evictions before you begin the proceedings, this will help you follow the correct steps and make the process smoother.

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