picstitchIn our recent Los Gatos Fixer Upper remodel, we opted against Granite and decided to re-finish the Counter-Tops ! We used the services of a company called  Miracle Method  and the results look very clean and impressive.

However, the best part of this small kitchen remodel in Los Gatos was the speed that  we were able to pull off this project not to mention the cost.

Everyone’s natural tendency is to go for Granite and we were no exceptions.  We priced $250-300 for each 9 foot slab or Granite or Quartz surfaces.  And we needed 4 slabs to finish this project.   The material cost alone using Granite or Quartz was about $1,400 on this Los Gatos small kitchen remodel  And the labor costs were $1900.00 on top of the $1400!

The upshot was that we were able to re-finish the counter-top in 3 days at the cost of $1,550.00!  Yes, the whole projects was completed for about 50% of the cost of the Granite or Quartz with no delays for demolition or touch up paint which was going to be required for this project.

Our conclusions are that for a fixer upper that you need to flip quickly but want to create a strong 1st impression, refinishing is a wonderful alternative to create a strong 1st impression.

Another use case for Re-finishing your Counter-Tops and Bathrooms is for your rental properties.  Since resurfacing less disruptive, you will be able to complete these repairs very quickly.

We are not making the case on durability and reliability of re-finishing vs install Granite here!  But for certain application where time is of the essence and you need to create a strong 1st impression; re-finishing could be a neat alternative.

Have you used Miracle Method in your rental properties, we would love to hear from you.  Tell us how the refinished surfaces are performing for you.


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