Home's Worth

Home’s Worth

Is the recent rise of home prices temping you to sell your Campbell home?  Do you know how much you will net?   Would your decision to sell depend on how much you could net?

Well, these are all good questions worth pondering before you decide to sell your Campbell home.   Surely, you could find some recent sales data in Trulia or Zillow, but the challenge with these portals are that they use secret algorithms to arrive at their prices and they often conflict with each other.

For instance, we priced our client’s homes in Los Gatos and were shocked to discover that even the floor plan information for the same property differs in Zillow vs Trulia.  And to make matters worse, the pricing recommendation from these 2 portals were different by $135,000 with Trulia having the higher price than Zillow.

In contrast we use recent sales of homes within 0.5-1 mile radius of your home.  We then adjust the values based on age, living space, lot size, amenities and functional utility.    And if we are unable to find any qualified comps, we expand our radius till we find better comps.

As part of this home valuations service, we will also develop a net sheet that will show how much you will net if we sold your home for you.

Keep in mind that we have been pricing and marketing homes for banks for their REO properties where we managed to average 103% of list price for the homes.  We are confident that we will be able to get you the price you anticipate for your home as well.