Pharma,  Healthcare and High-Tech companies have started using Big Data tools and applications to help them fine tune their offerings to their customers.  So, we were not surprised to see Big data and Analytics being offers to help Realtors and Real Estate agents.

The biggest challenge for most real estate agents in this market is finding buyers.  The neat part of the applying Big Data tools is to analyze patterns and develop market indicators about the possiblity of sales of a particular home.   However, what has been missing is additional indicators that could be triggers for such events.   In fact, some companies use Social Media data and combine it with historical sales of homes in a specific zip codes to identify which home owners are most likely to sell their homes.

One such company is SmartZip which offers predictive marketing platform to target sophisticated seller targeted solution. Rather than mass marketing, you’ll have the scientific data to focus your efforts on homeowners that are most likely to sell in the next 6-12 months.  

Targeting the right home owners who are more inclined to sell is a good thing.  But we have not tested this solution so we are not sure how effective SmartZip is.