In a survey of 4,000 Baby Boomer households conducted by the non-profit Demand Institute, 63% of Boomers plan to stay in their current home once they retire.

The sad part of this news is that baby boomers’ children are also moving back home along with their elderly parents.  Hence the term Sandwich generation where you are trapped with the loved one’s about planning for the future.

The challenging part is to have honest conversation about the shared responsibility when it come to sharing housing and other costs.   So, if your son or daughter have returned home after college, then a conversation about paying towards the mortgage is a decent one.

Establishing boundaries also becomes critical and important matter such as privacy and shared resources.  Ironically, some cities are allowing for granny or in-law units to be constructed on your property.  Ideal situation would be for you to have an in-law unit with it’s own private entrance for your parents.

As for the kids who are living in the basement, the rules have to be different since they are adults now and you can not treat them the same way when they were in high school.

In short, there is good reason to be alarmed about the housing shortage in bay area.  So, plan ahead if you don’t want to be trapped in a sandwich.