For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner (Source; theprovince.com)

Are you planning on selling your own home?  Are you prepared to deal with tons of disclosures required by State of California?

Well, here’s the 10 Statutory and Legal questions that you must disclose to any potential buyer even if you are planning on selling your own home:

1) Are you (seller) aware of death of an occupant within the last 3 years upon the property?

2) Is seller aware of any order from government health organization identifying the property as being contaminated by methamphetamine?

3) Are you (seller) aware of the release of an illegal controlled substance on or beneath the property?

4) Are you (seller) aware whether the property is located in or adjacent to an “industrial use” zone?

5) Is the seller aware if the property is affected by a nuisance created by an “industrial use” zone.

6) Are you (seller) aware whether the property is located within 1 mile of a former federal or state ordinance location.

7) Is the seller aware whether the property is a condominium or located in a planned unit development or other common interest subdivision?

8) Is the seller ware of any insurance claims affecting the property within the past 5 years?

9) Is the seller aware of matters affecting Title of the property?

10) Are you (seller) aware if material facts or defect affecting the property not otherwise disclosed to buyer?

Your inability to answer any or all of these questions could create challenges for your For Sale by Owner transaction.  So, Contact Us if you have any question about these requirements.


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