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Finding good tenants can’t be that hard, right!?   Well, considering that more than 80% of the job applicants admited that they lie on the resume, what are the odds of you finding tenants that are less than candid on their rental application?!  

So, may be it might not be a bad idea to hire a property manager for your San Jose rentals!   The fact remains that most real estate investors and home owners underestimate the responsibilities of rental property ownership.   They also underestimate the amount of legal trouble they could be inviting into their lives by screening the tenants themselves without proper education on the Federal, State and Local laws on discrimination.  

We utilize the following database searches to screen the tenants who have applied for our clients’ rentals:  

1)  Criminal search for any felony conviction or charges filed against the applicant

2)  Search for Eviction or Litigation
3)  FDLE sexual predators search to make sure we are not renting to a registered sex offender.

4) Terrorist Alert List:  Since 911 the list has been growing and we want to inform our client if their potential tenants are on the government watch list.

5)  Social Security number verification:  Our Tenant Screening includes Social Security Verification which is part of the comprehensive Credit check on your potential tenants.

6)  Credit check to determine how individual handles their obligations

7)  Employment verification

8)  Rental check for previous 5 years

Bottom line is that if you are still relying on our gut feeling to tenant screening, you are asking for trouble.    We suspect that a typical investors will not perform such an exhaustive screening for tenant screening. And that’s might be reason enough to use a Property Manager for your San Jose rental.

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