MENLO PARK — The city is entering into a different kind of partnership with Facebook.

Under plans approved by the City Council on Tuesday, the city will have permission to “temporarily remove” a planned outdoor deck at 300 Constitution Drive, in the event that it needs to do storm drain line maintenance or repairs — with the condition that the city gives the company two business days’ notice.

The agreement allows Facebook to begin work on the deck and a trash enclosure for Building 300, on top of a storm drain line.

The 180,000-square-foot structure was used as a warehouse by TE Connectivity, and contains an additional 4,330 square feet of mezzanines, but Facebook is removing them. The company plans to convert the building into offices, with a café, fitness center and health center. It also plans to refresh the exterior of the building with updated colors, materials and window glazing.

The building is situated on the east side of Chilco Street south of Constitution Drive, where the road curves as it meets the old Dumbarton rail line and an ever-dwindling ballast pile.

“Ultimately,” according to a staff report from the city, “the storm drain line is anticipated to be relocated to Chilco Street at the sole cost of the owner.” However, it states, if the line has not been relocated within five years, Facebook would have to remove the deck and trash enclosure.

Building 300 is scheduled for completion next summer.

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