Rent Click

Rent Click

We recently reviewed the iphone app for finding rental properties from Lovely, Trulia and Zillow.  Another competing product for finding Rental properties is from Yellow Fox Studios is called RentClick.  Similar to most location based application, to offer apartment hunters an advantage on their competition which is the speed since the rental market is so competitive that 1st person who responded to the Landlord’s advertisement will have an unfair advantage.

Party as a result of the Foreclosure crisis, the demand for rental properties is outpacing the supply in majority of large US  cities, so if a rental apartment hits the market, your ability to respond and see it quickly become critical in securing good rentals.  Our own Los Gatos rentals would have benefits from this app since the ease of use and the detailed information about the potential tenant is a benefit for most landlords.  This app allows for users to create search agents for rentals with specific criteria which is then pushed to their iphone once such a search new rentals become available.  The user then can quickly contact the landlord for appointment and follow up.

Rent Click appears to be only available on iPhone and iPad.  The ipad version alone should make it compete with Lively which does NOT have an ipad version developed. However, the  iphone version of the app Rent Click was July 24,  2012 which is a bit alarming since it might mean that the developers is not adding any new features to the app. The other risk to this app is the there are very few down loads which could also mean the developer is not aggressively marketing the app.

Despite the delayed updates, this app has a very small foot print with only 1.8MB of disk space and is still better than using Craigslist which is painful.

Have you used this iphone app!?  Let us know what you think?

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