Staged Homes Sell Fast

Staged Homes Sell Fast

If you have a flooring project, you have plenty of choices these days from Bamboo to Tile to Carpeting.  But which flooring appeals to more buyers!?   According to the National Association of Realtors, hardwood floors are one of the best home improvements to make for getting a good return on your investment.  In fact, hardwood flooring can add 6% to the value of your sale price.

This is good news if you already have hardwood floors.  You will just have to make sure they are in good condition.  If they are not, a nice coat of finish might bring them back to life before listing your home for sale.  If you don’t have hardwood floors, where is the ideal place to add them in your house!?   Bedrooms are a great place to stay with carpet floors.  

Handscraped has arrived:

Buyers love handscraped floors for their it beautify and historical charm.  The new versions of these vintage planks come in a variety of beautiful woods and finishes.

Wider The Better:

In terms of width of your flooring piece, the wider the planks, the more desirable the flooring will look.  Even some of the pre-finished hardwood floors are available in wider sizes than you could find a few years ago.  In fact, you would have to place a special order for wider plants that you now can get off the shelf.  

Reclaimed, distressed Wood Floors:

This trend actually started in early 90’s when old warehouses and factories converted to living and retail spaces.  Reclaiming the wood flooring and other products from those vintage commercial spaces became a niche market and their appeal endures today.

Deep Colors:

This question and answers on Trulia from Realtors were as varied as the geography of the respondents.  And, there are pros and cons to both dark and light flooring that buyers can easily Google if they really want to.  The bottom line, is that as long as your flooring appears in good condition and your house staged effectively, it won’t really matter what the color of the stain is.

What do you think about Hardwood Floors in your house!? 

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