Sad news for Los Gatos Real Estate

Saddest News in Los Gatos Real Estate

We had plenty of good reasons to move to Los Gatos in 1994, but it was not until 2012 that we discovered this hole-in-the-wall Burger Joint called Happy Hound!!  

Happy Hound is located at Los Gatos Blvd, next to the CitiBank main branch where we have banked for more than 10 years but we never bothered to check the next door Burger Joint which has been there for more than 50 years.

One friend at Hilbrook School recommended Happy Hound in December 2011 and we have been hooked every since.    However, our addiction to weekly visit to Happy Hound took an ugly turn several months ago when we were shocked to discover that the building had suffered major damage in a fire.  hs ago and rebuilding process has been slow and painful to watch.

I took these photos today around 12:30 when it would have been a perfect time to go in there for our juicy, mouth-watering Burger.   But no, the place is still closed and I am certain we are NOT the only one’s suffering from this shut-down.  The saddest part is that there is no sign of workers or repairs being done to the property.  

Our families reaction to deal with the loss of Happy Hound has been rather painful and counter-productive.  Last month we tried the Blossom Hill location of 5 guys Hambuger joint only to come back severely disappointed at the taste of the burgers and the fixings which all tasted like Cardboard to us.   Everyone in the family was disappointed with their experience here.

Our only refuge is to get our Hamburger Fix is the In-and-Out Burger, but the closet one of these to Los Gatos is at Coleman Avenue on the way to San Jose airport which is  a huge hike.

Contact US and tell us how you are dealing with your loss which highlights the difficulty of doing ANY kind of  Real Estate development in Los Gatos.    If Happy Hound does NOT come back soon, we might as well move out of Los Gatos!