Lovely Rental App

Lovely Rental App

If you are looking for a new place to rent in San Francisco and do not want to use the Trulia or even Zilow; then the iphone app called Lovely just might be the answer.   Launched in 2012, the Lovely app is designed to offer apartment hunters an advantage on their competition which is the speed since the rental market is so competitive that 1st person who responded to the Landlord’s advertisement will have an unfair advantage. 

Lovely is now available nationwide.    The 1st launch of the application was on November 2012 and the latest update on July 2013 which is a good sign that the app is still being updated.   The app offers the users an opportunity to Save listing and quickly get in touch with the landlord.   Another features of the app is that the Renter can create a profile including some information about the job and credit profile which we find a bit risky specially in such an early stage in the process without user seeing any Privacy declaration.    I guess we might have entered a new territory with NSA listening to every one of our calls and monitory our every moves, so what’s the harm of posting your 730 FICO score on an iPhone app.  

Party as a result of the Foreclosure crisis, the demand for rental properties is outpacing the supply in majority of large US  cities, so if a rental apartment hits the market, your ability to respond and see it quickly become critical in securing good rentals.  Our own rentals in Los Gatos would have benefits from this app since the ease of use and the detailed information about the potential tenant is a benefit for most landlords.  This app allows for users to create search agents for rentals with specific criteria which is then pushed to their iphone once such a search new rentals become available.  The user then can quickly contact the landlord for appointment and follow up.

With Lovely’s app, users  don’t need to interrupt their workday much in order to see new opportunities, or to contact owners for more information. Ideally, the app could fundamentally change renters’ searching behaviors without making it harder for landlords in any way.

The app shows users a map of their chosen city, along with numbers showing geographic clusters of available apartments. So if there are 10 listings in one small area, the user will see a number 10 in that neighborhood on the map. The numbers are color coded by their relevancy making it easy for renters to see which are the newest homes on the market.

Lovely could benefit from the clumsy user interface of Craigslist and lack of any decent mobile app displaying the rental data for Craiglist.   Have you used this iphone app!?  Let us know what you think?

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