The recently released version of WordPress 3.6 code named Oscar, offers amazingly simple functionality to add Video, Audio and Quotes to your Blog posts.   The other huge improvement is that the standard Theme associated with this Theme is a Responsive theme which makes the content view-able from most Mobile devices.  

Responsive themes allow the screen size of your WordPress blog  to automatically be re-sized to match the size of the device that’s used to reach your site.  This is an amazing feat since it requires no coding to manage the requirements of displaying your content on iPhone, iPad, Android and other Mobile Tablets.   

The video blew highlights some more features of WordPress 3.6 release including some hired actors (just kidding).  These are developers from Automattic who appear in the video.The Music is from Oscar Peterson which was the inspiration for the code name for this release.  

If you are new to WordPress and want to create a blog using this version of WordPress check out YouTube videos from 77Webstudio with the search term WordPress 3.6.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the developers of this release cause the release ended our search for a responsive theme with our blog.

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