When I was watching this interview with the CEO of Starbucks, it struck me as interesting that he’s predicting the continued decline of cash being used in everyday transactions.

What’s interesting about the predictions that Cash will be obsolete in a few years is the phenomenal growth of mobile devices where we now have more mobile devices on earth than people.  And with the massive growth of Smartphones, most of us will be using them to make purchases.

But will you be buying  a home with your mobile device?   Let’s explore this a bit further.  Right now the documents can be signed using variety of apps such as EchoSign or DocuSign.   And both apps work well with mobile devices.   So, you could sign your escrow documents using a mobile device.

Then comes the final step of closing an escrow which requires a finger printing your signature?  Don’t we have apps for this already?  I believe we already have applications on Android and iOS that support finger printing that can be used to authenticate a person who is supposed to sign a document.

So, be prepared to be paying for much bigger things on your phone than the iPhone cover you were buying from Amazon.com

Let us know what is the highest price item you have ever purchased using your Smartphone?