Best cities to retire

Best places to retire

We’ve all been groomed to think that the best retirement places for seniors are Florida or Arizona.  But some of the choices that Boomers are making to retire are intriguing to say the least.

For instance, places like Sioux Falls, SD; Provo, UT; Iowa City, IA; Bismarck, ND; Columbia, MO; Omaha, NE; Madison, WI; and Boston, MA are among the top destination for boomers to retire.  Some of these choices could be explained by the retirement Choices research which shows more than 33% of the American expect to retire at the age of 65 compared to only 11% in 1991.   This is a growing trend about the un-ease that most americans feel about their financial security and anticipate working many more years than their parents.

Additional anxiety about the retirement comes from the uncertainty about the Social Security benefits which become political football every 4 year during Presidential elections.

Others in the Top 10 of Small Cities to retire successfully include Ann Arbor, MI, Missoula MT, Chapel Hill, NC and Gainesville, Florida.  Ironically we are not sure where we will retire, but the odds of staying Silicon Valley are strong.

Have you made your retirement plans?   We would love to hear from you.