Rent Tracker

Rent Tracker

Property Management software used to be reserved for desktop applications requiring hours of labor intensive configuration and training.   And then there were a lot of home brewed Excel Spread Sheets to manage rental properties.   

Well, thanks to Steve Jobs those days are long gone with a slew of creative property Management application for iPhone and iPad.  One of these property management apps for iPhone and iPad is Rent Tracker by RentTracker.com LLC.

The Rent Tracker offer data management options for :

1) Tenant
2) Buildings
3) Owners
4) Vendors
5) Payments
7) Expenses 
8) Reports
9) Alerts

But none of these Data Entry points are isolated islands on their own.  For instance, payments are linked to the Tenants so user can easily generate a report of past-due tenants who are late on their payments.  Same goes to building and the expenses associated with each building.

However, the layout of the apps buttons do not jive with the order of the data entry scheme.  For instance, we wanted to enter a building only to get an error message that we had to enter a Owner before entering  a building.  The obvious question then would have been why not place the Owner button above the Building button?!

To make matters worse, the Owner addition was unable to use the Contact information of the iPhone which is a huge pain since this will generate duplicate contact on your iPhone.  Another poor design feature is that the required field for the data entry fields are not identified and the users is only notified when they try to save their data!

In short, the app falls well short of delivery a professional features needed to manager multi-tenant properties, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Have you used this app!?  Let us know what you think?  

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