Do you need to get multiple bids on your home remodeling project?  Do you need to remodel your Los Gatos home before selling it?  Well, Redbeacon could be just what the doctor ordered.

Last month my husband interviewed Jeff Lawson who is the CEO of Twilio and we discovered that one of their customers is a company called RedBeacon.   RedBeacon offers a matching service between homeowners and contractors.   This service is akin to Lending Tree but instead of getting offers for a mortgage, you will receive bids on your home remodeling project.

The way the service works is that you enter your project into RedBeacon’s website.  You can also choose from popular project categories as well.   You can also have someone at Home Depot store initiate such a request for you.

Once you have registered your project, they will match your project with a contractor who offers similar services.  Then contractors are notified using the Twilio’s SMS technology that a bid request has been posted and they can respond to this bid.

Redbeacon manages the process from end-end and also offers a $1,000 guarantee when the payment for the services is made using their payment portal.  We suspect this payment service works like a draw on a construction loan where the funds are only released if you certify the work has been completed by the contractor.  But we recommend you verify how this guarantee works if you plan to utilize their payment service.

We hope Redbeacon folks add a review process by the customers that would rank the contractors.  This would help with the selection process and will go a long way in eliminating the anxiety of home owners when it comes to working with contractors.

Do you have a project that you need bid?  Feel free to try RedBeacon and let us know how it went.