Property Management Software

Property Management Software

Are you a do-it-yourself property manager?  Do you plan to manage you own Los Gatos rental yourself?  Then the iPad App called Happy Inspector might just be what the doctor ordered for you.  This app offers:

Inspection Generator:  This feature offers property managers to generate customize inspection sheet for each room in a property based on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, and utility rooms.  The neat part about this feature is that the property manager can also incorporate photos of these inspections that can then be used for generating repair estimates and communicating them with property owners.  The Inspection Generator offers tabs for Move In/Out Reports and Periodic Report Settings that should be a delight to property owners.

Property Review:  This feature allows Property Managers to input Owner, Agent, and Tenant information into the application which is a neat offering specially if you are managing multiple properties in the same complex.

Finally, the app has a Reminder section for future inspections such as a Beware of Dogs, Cats…etc to make sure your inspector will not be blamed for a missing  pet.

The FREE version of the app is for ONE User only but the Pro Version is priced at $59/month per device which is an unusual pricing model since ONE property manager would have to pay TWICE for using the same app on his iPad or iPhone!  The company is also working on a Cloud version of the application which was not priced on their website.

The app offers some neat features but we can’t justify the paid version due to the strange pricing model where each device requires a $59 per month payment.

What property management software are you using?  Can you share your experience?  We would love to hear from you.


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