Multiple Listing Service

Multiple Listing Service

Let’s face it.  All of us have put up with the limitations and idiotic requirements of local MLS boards for far too long.   Like the 4 line descriptions of the property and the constant policing of why “showing instructions” could not be included in the public remarks.   Any time we were trying to be creative with the description, it would trigger a call from the MLS language police that we have to remove a word or risk being fined!

But our main objection to MLS board membership is the implied fact that there is good reasons to hide some information from the public.   And there is no justification for it any more.  We are in the age of auction and transparency where buyers need to have as much information about the property as possible.    And allowing an MLS board to determine what information is public and what is private is simply too absurd in this day and age.

That’s why we will are considering dropping our MLS membership and not renewing it.  It was Wood Allen who said, I would not want to join a club who would have me as its member”.   And we feel the same way about MLS memberships these days.  There is no reason and justification for it.

Granted , the power of marketing to the agents who are part of these MLS boards was  the main attraction of joining these board.  But with Inbound Marketing we are able to attract more than 3,000 unique visitors to our site Homestretch Properties.   Why do we need MLS anymore?   Also, with sites like Trulia, Zillow , Redfine and ActiveRain, there is plenty of agent and buyers who can be reached more than 3,000 unique visitors per month.

So, why should we pay to join an MLS board if 99% of the benefits could be achieved elsewhere?  We can no longer justify it.