For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner

Are you a do-it-yourself home owner who want would be interested in selling their own home?  That’s no surprising given the commissions savings could add up to $80,000.  In fact, 59% said yes to the question of selling their own home  in a recent survey of Marin County home owners.

But most home owners are unaware of the challenges with legal, contract, pricing and negotiations that would help them fetch the highest price for their home.

Here’s the of the information that you would need to disclose to your home buyer if you are planning on selling your own home:

1) Are you (seller) aware of any water intrusion into any part of the property, leaks from or in any appliance, pipe, roof, slab or drainage, standing water, flooding,  underground water, moisture, water-related settling, slippage that could affect the property?

As you can see this is exhaustive list of problems related to water that you as a seller have to disclose to the buyers.

2) Is the seller aware of any alterations, modifications, remodeling, replacement or material repairs on the property ?

In this case, “material” means any detail information that could cause the buyer to change their mind about buying your home.

3)  Is seller aware of any on going or recurring maintenance on the property?

On this question, if you have a drain that clogs every few months, then that is considered material information that you will need to disclose to your buyers.

4) If the home is a pre-1978 Property, were any renovation (Sanding, cutting, demolition) of the Lead-Based paint surfaces completed in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines?

5) Are you (seller) aware of any infestation of  mold, mildew,fungus or spores, past of present on the property?

As you are aware mold could cause huge respiratory problems for children and adults and has be professionally treated.    You are therefore required to disclose any information regards mold to any potential buyer.

So, Contact Us if you have any question about these requirements.


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