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Los Gatos is a small Town with a historic downtown on neatly sandwiched between Silicon Valley and the Santa Cruz mountains.  Los Gatos schools enjoy a wonderful reputation among the top schools in Silicon Valley which has a direct influence on the housing prices in Los Gatos.    In the past 12 years listing and marketing properties in Los Gatos Fixer Uppers and other homes in Los Gatos is a testimonial on how Home Buyers will pay on average $100,000 or more for a identical square footage home that is located in the Los Gatos School districts vs nearby schools such as Leigh and San Jose.

The many schools that comprise the Los Gotos School district received 9 out 10 rating based on it’s public school’s test results which is wonderful testimonial on the parent’s involvement in their kids education in these school.    The Los Gatos School district is home to following schools where each link contains reviews by parents:

15 Preschools
21 Elementary Schools
13 Middle Schools
4 High Schools
11 Public Schools
24 Private Schools
1 Charter School

You will be able to research these schools with the links above where parents have rated these schools.  The links about will also direct you to the information about each schools Student & Teachers, Program & Culture, Enrollment, Test Scores and Reviews.  Each school is reviewed based on Teacher Quality, Principal Leadership and Parent Involvement.

One of the schools that is consistently ranked highest in BOTH pre-school and Middle School categories in Hillbrook School which offers k-8 education.  Our own experience of sending our daughter to Hillbrook has been wonderful and we strongly recommend the school.  

Do you have an opinion about Los Gatos Schools ?!  Let us know.

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